The Rising Over

The Rising Over

By Abdalrahman Dalloul

We owned this life, we owned this world;
For Days and nights, for centuries;
No one, no one, can change the truth;
That we did so, that we conquer;
And flags of Islam shall rise again;
Over the world’s, mountains and hills;

From past tense remove the ed;
Cause we shall come back to real creed;
And none can say something dreary;
That we had ruled this life so easy;
And many died for our Deity;
To raise the name of him so freely;

Don’t feel depressed young once,
Cause we shall continue announce,
That Islam will achieve trounce,
On every army at every province,
And advance to reach a long-distance,
Around the world, we’ll have residence.

oh, oh, almighty will make this happen.


عبدالرحمن دلول

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